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Santa Gertrudis Breeding Stock

Beef Up Your Breed

Calf Buy Back Bonus


Optimize your breeding investment
long-term with Corazon Cattle Company. Introduce enhanced genetics to your cow-calf breed with our buy-back guarantee.

Corazon Cattle Company will buy back offspring of your Corazon Cattle bulls based on the best market price.

Save yourself some shrink and hauling expenses, and don't any worry about “ear” that order buyers at sale barns use to their advantage – not yours.

Santa Gertrudis Guaranteed

Corazon Cattle Company has assembled a set of breeding cattle from among the top genetics available in the breed today.

We are constantly and consistently testing our cattle and offspring to ensure that only the best traits are carried forward into our herd or into yours.

Gain tests, fertility tests, DNA tests, excellent EPDs, and basic soundness exams are performed on all of the breeding stock sold.